Best PSP Emulators For Android In 2018

PSP Emulators For Android: If you are a game lover then you have probably have heard about the Sony PSP. There is no doubt that Sony PSP used to be the greatest console that we have ever come to know about. It had some of the amazing games. However in today’s world, you will hardly find a PSP, but there are still quite a lot of PSP lovers who want to play those games.

PSP Emulators For Android

So what is the solution if you want to play PSP games on your Android Smartphone? Well, that is where the PSP Emulators For Android comes to rescue. So let’s just check out some of the best PSP emulators for android:

Best PSP Emulators For Android In 2018:

Let me not explain anything more and share the best PSP emulators with you below, and to also get you a quick idea, this article is same as the iOS Emulator for Android that we previously shared with you, so now have fun.

PPSSPP – PSP emulator:

PSP Emulators For Android

At first, we have the PPSSPP – PSP emulator. This PSP emulator can play the PSP games on an Android device without any issues. Even you can play the games at a high definition. Also, the application is available for free of cost, but some app features are paid.

Furthermore, the app is available in the Google Play Store. If we talk about the games, then the emulator would not allow you to download games from the app itself. Instead, you have to download a game from third party website and then convert into a .iso or .cso file and load it to your smartphone. Also, not every game will work the same way. But overall the PPSSPP – PSP emulator has some great features.


  • Gameplay is available in HD resolution.
  • You can use the PSP emulator for Mobile and Tablet gaming.
  • Touch controls can be customized.
  • You can connect external controllers.
  • Easily restore a game state.

   Get it on the Playstore.

Matsu PSX Emulator – Multi Emu:

At the next, we have the Matsu PSX Emulator. This PSP emulator is considered as a best PSP emulator. Even there are quite a lot of Android users, who have found the app pretty useful.

You can download the PSP emulator apk from the Google Play Store free of cost. However, the app comes with advertisements, which may ruin your user experience. But just in case if you want to get rid of the advertisements then you can go for the premium version.

Talking about the good thing about the app, well it supports a lot of consoles. Such as PS1 (PSX), SNES,  NES / FDS, GBA, GBC, WSC, PCE (TurboGrafx-16) and a few others.


  • You can play games at high definition.
  • The app comes with fast forward, rewind, skip features.
  • It has an easy to understand user interface.


For our next pick, we have the RetroArch. It one of the top PSP Emulators For Android you will find on the internet. The best thing about the app is that it is completely free to use. Also, you can download it via Google Play store.

If we talk about the PSP emulator apk, well it is an open source project. Even the app is not only capable of emulating the PSP games. But the app can emulator other platforms games with an ease.

The application is backed up by a powerful development interface called as Liberto. The Libretro interface helps in making cross-platform apps work on Android devices. Although it is quite complicated, so you may not actually like it. But giving the emulator a try would not hurt anything.


  • You will be able to load cheats.
  • It scans your file automatically and adds a game to the system collection.
  • Check the database information for a game.
  • Update a game easily.

AwePSP- PSP Emulator:

psp emulator apkAwePSP- PSP Emulator is a PSP emulator for android download and there is no doubt about that. The application is available at free of cost on the Google Play store.

If we talk about this PSP emulator, well it sports the same features as the PPSSPP android emulator. However, the app has a few extra features which make it better from the PPSSPP.

With the help of the AwePSP- PSP Emulator, you will be able to play games at High definition without any issues. Plus it supports the .iso, .cso, .elf type of files which kills the need of converting the files before loading it on the app. But that does not mean that you do not have to load the games on your SD card to play it via the emulator.

In addition to that, the app comes with the easy to use controllers. With the help of the controllers, you will be able to experience games at a different level. In short, you will pretty much get the same experience as a PSP.

In the end, the app has quite a lot of useful features which you must check out.

AwePSP – PSP Emulator Features:

  • Play high-quality games with an ease.
  • It supports games with high-end graphics. Also while playing those games, you would not experience any lag.
  • Great game compatibility.
  • Easy to use game controllers.
  • It supports network gameplay.
  • Easily save and load games.

   Get it on the Playstore.

ePSXe for Android:

psp emulator apkIn the end, we have the ePSXe for Android. This app is also a best PSP emulator for android that you can try out. The app is available for free download on Google Play store.

With the help of this app, you will easily be able to play PSP games on your Android smartphone and tablet.

However, when it comes to the user experience, the app lacks a bit. As it is quite hard to configure the PSP emulator. But thanks to a lot of blog posts, you will be able to configure it easily if you do some google search.


  • ePSXe has a high speed and can run most of the game easily.
  • It comes with full sound synchronization.
  • You can save a game easily and load it later.
  • Has an easy to use interface.
  • Usb Controllers are supported.

So those were some of the PSP Emulators For Android that you must check out. however before you download any of the PSP emulators, do check out the user reviews. This will help you to understand an app’s usefulness.

Anyway if you have any further questions do comment below and we will surely help you out.

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