Android 9.0 Developer Preview seems almost complete, to be named Pineapple Pie?

Since a long time, the latest Android version is declared throughout the Google I/O keynote but, however, the very first glance that we’ve on the most recent and greatest Android offering from Google is the Developer Preview which released in early spring, before Google I/O event. It appears as this case will remain true for the upcoming Android 9.0 as well, as suggested from the message on the most recent code commit on Android Open Source Project dedicated repository that says future has become. Google doesn’t let any dates or hints as for when Developer Preview is released and frequently do come as a surprise.

Nevertheless, this very small leak, will make it more safe to assume that Android 9.0 is ready to be let out. Although the Developer Preview does not have the attributes of upcoming Android versions, it does feature all of the key adjustments which Google plans to bring on. As of now, we do know when the next Android version is going to be declared, as this year’s Google I/O 2018 event is scheduled to happen from May 8.

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As for what the Google Android 9.0 will be named after, a latest puzzle game from Google that featured the invite for Google I/O 2018 does give a hint on the Google Android 9.0 being named as Android Pineapple Pie. Nevertheless, considering that Google loves to surprise and troll, the Android 9.0 Pineapple Pie named isn’t yet to be believed entirely.

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